Is that what you say?!?!??!????!!!!??!?!?!

Daddy Fat Saxx blesses us with some heat.  

Dat ‘Kast is arguably the freshest, not to mention my favorite, hip hop duo that ever came out. However, I never really listened to Big Boi’s other solo projects beside what I heard on the radio.  ‘Vicious Lies’ is the truth and T.I. & Luda cosign that the motown of the south is alive and well with ‘In the A’.  Sir Lucious Left Foot proves he can carry a project on his own and can spit bars that are that are second to none on the albums second track ‘The Thickets’.  While this album does not excuse the lack of an Outkast album since I-don’t-know-when, ‘Dangerous Rumors’ delivers all the southernplayalistic, spottieottiedopaliciousness one can expect with heat like ‘Raspberries’, ‘Lines’ and ‘Descending’.   Go get that…    

said some sh!t like…

So Shazam me and then you Google Dungeon Family
And when you do you will understand I’m buku outta my noodle
With this pad and pen, and boy you penciled in
You’re temporary, substitute and we can’t fit you in, let’s begin


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