When I first heard this mix tape several months ago, I was hesitant to do a review on listening party.  Boon League is comprised mostly of cats from San Diego, my hometown and base of operation, so I didn’t want my personal biases to cloud my objective critique.  But then I thought to myself, hip hop is about the underground and what better way to expose new talent.  I’m glad I did.  Though I have to admit the first couple listens-through I was a little disappointed some of the production, several tracks grew on me.  With an unapologetic shot-out to America’s finest city, the compilation opens with a classic west coast summer time banger ‘So Cali’.  They flip a Spice-1 throwback flow with screwed up hook on ‘Stash House’ and impose an abrupt curfew on all wack emcees with ‘Nighty Night’. presents his debut ALBUM entitled BOON LEAGUE, ft. Nard & Slice of BC, St.Cyr, singer/music composer Brian Carlos, engineer/prodcer/MC Jaywat, 5 Star The General, Mike O, D-Rough, and more. Also, including production from 9th Wonder, Marlon Wilson, J. Dilla, The Beat Hero.

Go check these these dudes out and Lookout for that & more



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