not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning…


Man, I’m really impressed… I heard GOOD things about Nas’ latest album and they were not overstated.

“Life is Good” is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The master is at play.  I can’t pick a favorite…so much heat!  This fool’s hella sad about Kelis, but in true Illmatic fashion, Nas keeps the lyrics razor sharp (I promise I won’t say razor sharp every post, had to get it out of my system).   Nothing forced, his mind-over-matter optimism, against the backdrop of top shelf production, makes you forget about your own troubles for awhile…

He pulls off listenability with Roses, revisits turn of the century (’96-02′) throwback grit production with Stay and manages to resurrect the late great Amy in all her glorious splendor in Cherry Wine.  Obligatory Swizz summer-time banger immediately gave me a flashback to the last time I was poolside in South Beach, straight fire.  Rumors of ghost writers aside, young Nasir gets kinda deep with Anthony Hamilton on ‘World is an addiction‘, but pretty next level…I fux with it.



Buy it, it’s fresh!

One thought on “not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning…

  1. The albums supreme work. Favorite track off “LIFE IS GOOD”: “No Introduction”. To me his rhyme scheme was one of the prime examples of his growth as a lyricist. The complexity of rhyme pattern, with ill concept, yet easy delivery. He shitted on the game with this album.

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