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Daddy Fat Saxx blesses us with some heat.  

Dat ‘Kast is arguably the freshest, not to mention my favorite, hip hop duo that ever came out. However, I never really listened to Big Boi’s other solo projects beside what I heard on the radio.  ‘Vicious Lies’ is the truth and T.I. & Luda cosign that the motown of the south is alive and well with ‘In the A’.  Sir Lucious Left Foot proves he can carry a project on his own and can spit bars that are that are second to none on the albums second track ‘The Thickets’.  While this album does not excuse the lack of an Outkast album since I-don’t-know-when, ‘Dangerous Rumors’ delivers all the southernplayalistic, spottieottiedopaliciousness one can expect with heat like ‘Raspberries’, ‘Lines’ and ‘Descending’.   Go get that…    

said some sh!t like…

So Shazam me and then you Google Dungeon Family
And when you do you will understand I’m buku outta my noodle
With this pad and pen, and boy you penciled in
You’re temporary, substitute and we can’t fit you in, let’s begin




When I first heard this mix tape several months ago, I was hesitant to do a review on listening party.  Boon League is comprised mostly of cats from San Diego, my hometown and base of operation, so I didn’t want my personal biases to cloud my objective critique.  But then I thought to myself, hip hop is about the underground and what better way to expose new talent.  I’m glad I did.  Though I have to admit the first couple listens-through I was a little disappointed some of the production, several tracks grew on me.  With an unapologetic shot-out to America’s finest city, the compilation opens with a classic west coast summer time banger ‘So Cali’.  They flip a Spice-1 throwback flow with screwed up hook on ‘Stash House’ and impose an abrupt curfew on all wack emcees with ‘Nighty Night’. presents his debut ALBUM entitled BOON LEAGUE, ft. Nard & Slice of BC, St.Cyr, singer/music composer Brian Carlos, engineer/prodcer/MC Jaywat, 5 Star The General, Mike O, D-Rough, and more. Also, including production from 9th Wonder, Marlon Wilson, J. Dilla, The Beat Hero.

Go check these these dudes out and Lookout for that & more



Did somebody say dominoes?

With tracks like ‘Rigormortis’, ‘HiiiPower’, ‘Keisha’s Song’ and ‘Cush & Corinthians’, I was impressed when I heard Kendrick Lamar’s last album Section 80… but K.Dot has a hip-hop classic on his hands with his latest ‘good kid/m.A.A.d city’.  This dude gets it!  Haven’t heard a complete album like this in hella long, glad to see it’s getting the mainstream recognition it deserves.  Classic West Coast production on some tracks (samples Ice Cube’s classic ‘Bird in the hand’ off of Death Certificate), with movements splitting the songs in two and limited cameos (though not unnoticed) by the likes of MC Eiht and Dr. Dre.  Makes me feel good about the future of the craft. Straight FIRE!  Go cop that if you haven’t already!

said some sh!t like…

When I ride it’s a murderous rhythm
And outside became pitch black
A demon glued to my back whispering, “Get em”
I got em, and I ain’t give a fuck
That same mentality that told my brother not to duck
In actuality it’s a trip how we trip off of colors
I wonder if I’ll ever discover
A passion like you and recover
The life that I knew as a young’n
In pajamas and Dun-ta-duns
When thunder comes it rains cats and dogs

The Great Controversy… Pac or B.I.G.?


Once again this age old, often-argued question raises it’s ugly head… All things considered, who was a better emcee: Tupac or Biggie?  Discuss amongst yourself, citing criteria and specific lyrical analysis…

Cherry Wine

not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning…


Man, I’m really impressed… I heard GOOD things about Nas’ latest album and they were not overstated.

“Life is Good” is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The master is at play.  I can’t pick a favorite…so much heat!  This fool’s hella sad about Kelis, but in true Illmatic fashion, Nas keeps the lyrics razor sharp (I promise I won’t say razor sharp every post, had to get it out of my system).   Nothing forced, his mind-over-matter optimism, against the backdrop of top shelf production, makes you forget about your own troubles for awhile…

He pulls off listenability with Roses, revisits turn of the century (’96-02′) throwback grit production with Stay and manages to resurrect the late great Amy in all her glorious splendor in Cherry Wine.  Obligatory Swizz summer-time banger immediately gave me a flashback to the last time I was poolside in South Beach, straight fire.  Rumors of ghost writers aside, young Nasir gets kinda deep with Anthony Hamilton on ‘World is an addiction‘, but pretty next level…I fux with it.



Buy it, it’s fresh!

…I’ll occasionally bless you peasants with classic hip-hop photos…

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